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In each of our jaws, we have a ball-and-socket joint, called the temporomandibular joint, or TMJ for short, that moves and rotates freely to make our mouths move and rotate at all sorts of angles. Because of this, we can effectively chew food better than would be possible with a simple up and down motion alone. However, we can also damage the joints resulting in severe pain or loss of jaw mobility.

Your jaw pain could be caused by damaged TMJs. Here are some treatments for TMJ disorders:

-Always speak with your dentist for treatments and instructions to protect your TMJs.
-If you are looking for treatment systems you can practice at home, meditation and biofeedback are excellent relaxation treatments for jaw tension.
-Heat packs can be used to decrease the pain caused by TMJ disorders.
-Take any medications as prescribed by your dentist.
-Avoid chewing bubble gum or biting your nails, as they can put your TMJs at risk.
-Chewing tough or hard foods can put stress on your TMJs, so avoid rough foods and eat only softer foods.
-Bruxism can cause TMJ disorders, so sleep with a night guard or a bite plate to avoid grinding your teeth at night.

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