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In modern dentistry, two types of dental filling are the most common choice for filling cavities. Silver amalgam and composite fillings have for the most part filled different roles in dentistry, but with recent advancements in the advantages of composite fillings, amalgam fillings are quickly becoming obsolete. Many of these developments are relatively new, and they are what have allowed composite to take the place of amalgams in all cavity-filling roles.

– Size: Composite fillings can be used on extremely small cavities, which were previously too difficult to effectively fill with amalgam fillings.
– Stronger: Composite fillings can stand up to stronger forces than amalgam fillings can.
– Durability: Composite fillings can last nearly a decade.
– Safety: Unlike amalgam fillings, composite fillings do not contain mercury making them safer.
– Leak-free: Composite fillings can seal the margins between the tooth and gums more effectively than amalgam fillings can.
– Functionality: Composite fillings can be repaired without removing the original filling.
– Color: Composite fillings can be customized to match the natural color of your teeth.

These strengths allow our composite fillings to fill nearly every cavity-repairing need. To learn more or to schedule your appointment with Dr. Philip Cooper, we invite you to call our office in Garden City, Georgia. Our Savannah Dental Associates team will be happy to assist you.