What to Know About Crowns

Dental crowns are one of the most popular cosmetic dentistry options we provide here at . They’re a quick, effective, relatively painless option that gets your smile looking great in short order. With how popular crowns are, we want to make sure that you know the basics of dental crowns. Let’s take a look at… Read more »

Fix Decayed Teeth With Bridges

Tooth decay is a serious issue. Aside from the aesthetic problems tooth decay presents, it also puts you at risk for other health problems. If your tooth decay isn’t addressed as quickly as possible, the decay and infection can spread into your tooth, killing it and possibly damaging the surrounding teeth and tissue. At times,… Read more »

The Importance of Periodontal Maintenance

Periodontal (gum) health is a vital part of overall oral health. But many people don’t take care of their gums the way they should. Why are healthy gums important, and what should you do to maintain gum health? Our gums help protect and support our teeth. But these sensitive tissues are quite vulnerable to disease… Read more »

Care for Your Braces With the Proper Diet

Did you know that there are harmful foods and habits in the world today that can break the brackets and wires of your braces? Well, it’s true, which is why it’s so important to take great care of your braces by having a proper diet and by doing all you can to keep your oral… Read more »

Using Dental Implants to Restore Multiple Lost Teeth

A little over two decades ago, when dental implants first came into use in the oral healthcare industry, they were primarily seen as a viable option for restoring a single lost tooth. As time has gone by, dental implant technology techniques and training have advanced, so they can be used in multiple applications including restoring… Read more »

Why Do My Gums Bleed?

There are many reasons why your gums might bleed, but whatever the reason is, it’s important that you do all you can to fix it. Your bleeding gums are not something you should ignore; in fact, oftentimes it’s a symptom of a bigger problem, like: -Periodontal disease: Periodontal disease is a dangerous dental problem that… Read more »

Restore Your Smile With Dental Implants

There are many reasons a person can feel self-conscious and suffer from missing teeth. A bad accident, blow to the face, or even severe tooth decay can result in losing a tooth. However, thanks to , dental implants are available to restore your tooth, and your smile. Dental implants are placed surgically into your jawbone… Read more »

The Tips You Need to Save Your Smile During Baseball Season

If you are an athlete who enjoys the sport of baseball, our team has some tips for you. Whether you believe it or not, baseball has some traditions that aren’t very healthy for your smile. So, if you wish to play the game without harming your teeth, gums, and underlying bone, we recommend avoiding the… Read more »